Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I have been collaborating with another Houston electronic music Frank Dambra (Track53, Arctier) on a project for the past few months. We finally created a myspace and have posted 4 new tracks to preview from the upcoming release "Step Into A Dream".

Physical Copy!

My copy of Modular Puzzle finally arrived. It will be released in September 2009 for purchase. The paper is thick, shiny, and beautiful and the packaging is very unique.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Dani from Celer

This was posted by the ambient group Celer:
"Dear friends,

With great sadness I have to announce to you, our friends, that Dani passed away yesterday, July 8. On Tuesday morning I woke to find her unconscious, and not breathing. The medics were called, and she was revived, but fell directly into a coma and didn't wake up. She passed away yesterday at 3pm, with her family by her. All that is known to say why is that her heart stopped, for no foreseeable reason. The only relation is that her father died in the same way, of a cardiac arrest at the age of 29. She was 26.

Right now I don't know how to express the loss and sadness I feel, knowing that someone so ultimately close to me, and such an inspiration and friend to so many other people in the world is gone. All I can say is that she won't be forgotten, or pushed aside only because she's gone. She'll always be with me, as my inspiration, my love, my everything. All I can say is I miss her, every second.

Right now I won't be able to answer many emails, as there's only so much I can talk about this. Time will heal this, but I know the sadness will never go away. This, I'm ok with, as I never want to forget every way she changed my life, and touched my heart.

I appreciate all your support and love, and even though many of you only knew her through her poetry, or her music, I hope they are good memories."

In her honor I made a music video of one of their songs: