Saturday, August 28, 2010

Sequenza 21 Article

"Jonathan Jindra’s weekly experimental music concerts Binarium Sound Series continues 8pm Sunday nights here in Houston, Texas at The Mekong Underground, 2808 Milan Street (right next to Kohn’s bar). This is a wonderful series where you will hear intimate performances by local and visiting artists performing composed, improvised, electronic, and acoustic experimental music.

This Sunday’s August 29th Binarium program features Jonathan’s electronica project Trills. Trills is manifested in Jonathan’s live performances as well as several online digital releases – many being collaborations with other similarly minded artists. His recent full length split with Glasgow artist Dissolved entitled PH:14 has been his most successful release to date with over 43,000 downloads in its first month of release. Trills’ repertoire to my ears has roots its in groundbreaking synthesizer and electronic artists and ensembles like Tangerine Dream, Vangelis (especially his soundtrack to Bladerunner) and Popol Vuh. Jonathan name checked for me a handful of more contemporary artists as influences, including Boards of Canada, Pan Sonic, and Autechre.

I’ve listened to a bunch of Jonathan’s music and still feel like I’ve only scratched the surface of his talents and repertoire. And I don’t want to pigeonhole Trills with only a cursory familiarity of countless 21st century electronic artists that flood the web trading digital files of original groundbreaking music the way I traded cassette tapes of the same back in the day. The best thing to do is go to the Trills website and enjoy the music and video samples, and then forget what you’ve heard when you check out this Sunday’s show. Jonathan’s set will be accompanied by custom video projection. About This Product joins Trills on this bill."

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

8-10-2010 Live Recording

320kb mp3s of last night's sets:

1 - Trills 30:37
2 - Mark.Nine 30:54
3 - Five Step Path 22:20
4 - Daed 45:22

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Binarium Sound Series

I am now hosting a weekly experimental series entitled "Binarium Sound Series" at The Mekong Underground outside of Khon's Bar in Houston, TX at 2808 Milam. I'm taking over the concert series previously named Resonant Interval Sound Series who was run by Lance Higdon who created quite a name for himself in the Houston noise music community, partly by DJing the Genetic Memory show at 91.7 KTRU, but more effectively by being a great communicator of the abstract and he served as a hub for a scattered, yet extensive area of Texas music. He is moving to Atlanta to teach Latin at a Catholic University at the end of the month so he is passing the show off to me, which I have renamed "Binarium Sound Series" which shares part of it's name with a track off the Trills release 'Modular Puzzle'.