Wednesday, October 12, 2011

New Moniker: Cyclea

Music under the name Trills will continue to be released, but I've decided to create a new moniker to release my more aggressive beat-driven material under the name Cyclea.
Trills will focus more on abstract colorful synth paintings and impressionistic pieces from this point on.

Facebook account:

Preview of the track 'Dreamlet':

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Houston Press Article

Sunday, June 12, 2011

New Collaborations

An improvised demo that will be part of my set with Chris Becker on June 19th @ Khon's Bar entitled "I Am The Door":

Also another song that is part of my collaboration with Greek electronic musician Konstantinos Kouzas entitled "Hope it Lasts":

Monday, May 9, 2011

Trills - Cnidaria music video

Music by Trills from the upcoming release "əˈnɛməni"

Video by Binarium Productions

Trills - Blue Metabolic Sunrise free download
Free download now available.

"Jonathan Jindra returns to Retronym yet again, this time under his well-established Trills pseudonym. Blue Metabolic Sunrise displays shimmering beauty from start to finish. The first few tracks are trademark Trills, patient melodies crafted around deep kicks and echoing snares with a wall of beauteous twinkles and dischords with percussion that flickers between downtempo and chunky 808's.

Everything gradually melts into spiraling arpeggios and analogue machinery is forced to squeeze out it's most stunning of sounds - conjuring up the kind of imagery that would fit perfectly as an alternative soundtrack to something like Tarkovsky's Stalker. The closing track Flect is the ultimate swan song, a ten-minute long epic which condenses the massive array of shades and styles that Jindra has in his audio locker.

Blue Metabolic Sunrise is also available as an amazingly put-together digipak direct from Jonathan himself. We at Retronym believe this is one of the most stunning packages we've seen in a very long time with artwork by the super-talented Joe Bastardo, who deserves extra special credit for this and previous works for Retronym releases. You can check out his portfolio at Future Forest Design.

Please help support the artist if you like this release and buy direct from Jonathan Jindra himself. Click the 'Buy Now' button or purchase through the official Trills Website. Each purchase comes with a free CD-R of improvised Blue Metabolic Sunrise outtakes entitled Uncountable Snowflakes. Shipped from the United States.

Free digital release

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Shutter Memory Music Video

Trills - Shutter Memory
Taken from the 2011 release "Blue Metabolic Sunrise"
CD purchase:
Released by Retronym Records

Music & Video by Jonathan Jindra
Model in water & ink: Y. E. Torres (ms.YET)
Florescent hands: Julia Blake
Girl in grass: Eva Kaminski

'Kildare' on Section 27 Compilation

A new Trills track entitled "Kildare" is available on the new Section 27 netlabel compilation Sectioned v2.0.
Free Download Here

1.01 – Dr Device – No3
1.02 – Trills – Kildare
1.03 – Enabl.ed – Ghetto Snacks
1.04 – RNDM5 – Cloud Fractions
1.05 – Illocanblo – Blood Brothers
1.06 – Swarm Intelligence – Pygmi
1.07 – J.CNNR – Noosfera
1.08 – Motoko Ishii – I Am Chi
1.09 – Inicolabug – Don’t Throw Your Robot
1.10 – Sun Inside – Portrait Candice Morning
1.11 – The Oxy_Gens – A Grudge
1.12 – Pearls For Swines – God Save The Glitch
1.13 – Premodea – 21be
1.14 – Tiruset – Fractal Question
1.15 – Silent Strangers – Lexeme
1.16 – Nonima & theAudiologist – Frenetic

2.01 – Ventolyn & Becotyde – Rasberry Eyes
2.02 – Dissolved – Thermochromism in the Loki Stone
2.03 – Deltason – Back To Earth
2.04 – Mrs Jynx – Dtracked
2.05 – Johnny Jitters – Floaty Feelings
2.06 – LIBRARIES – 1988
2.07 – Doc Deem – Close
2.08 – Swin Deorin – Infinite Triumph
2.09 – Missqulater – Katlord
2.10 – PinkLogik – Forever In Sound
2.11 – VovaOver – Bottom
2.12 – Herre Jorna – Another Dimension
2.13 – Elliot M Bain – Elephant (Sun Drum)
2.14 – Dunaewsky69 – Drob Bilka

3.01 – Dubh Thrian – Nia v2
3.02 – Odaibe – Stars Above Us (+KZ)
3.03 – Syndrom – Kif Kif
3.04 – Adviruz – No Regrets
3.05 – Nina Kardec – Blue
3.06 – Sina. – We Came Undone
3.07 – Argotec – Chaotic Abuse Coupe
3.08 – Deccan Traps – Yearling
3.09 – The Icarus Wings – Fantasmi Della Mattina
3.10 – Hellmood B. Ware – Spark of Light
3.11 – Neomai Gundislav – Scott2
3.12 – Meta Program – 101010_1717
3.13 – Floating Spirits – Missing In Action
3.14 – Jimmy Penguin – Beans
3.15 – Masochistic Values – This Too Shall Pass
3.16 – Struct Seven – Outstare Ver3
3.17 – Altered:Carbon – Livin’ and Learning [ft. Akila Da Hun]

4.01 – Pablo Ribot – Me and the Hypochondriac Witness
4.02 – Aramburu – Nothing
4.03 – Christoph Schindling – Preisboxer
4.04 – Polar Aviation – Psycho-Kinetic Dub
4.05 – XZICD – Almah
4.06 – Min-Y-Llan – Orange Clouds-Fire Rain
4.07 – Z-Arc – Reactivation
4.08 – Dentist – Fortress
4.09 – Rumbus Merrylegs – Sorry If I Hurt You
4.10 – NCThompson – This Can Kill
4.11 – Pollux – Ghosts I – I (Remix)
4.12 – :dehumanizer: – April’s Gone
4.13 – Data Unit – O Concordia
4.14 – 2Kutup – We Shall Cuddle Up And Sleep
4.15 – VEKTROID – He Wanted To Read The Mind of God

Full credits and artist links are available as a text file in this download.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Trills - Blue Metabolic Sunrise -- Out Now

Trills - Blue Metabolic Sunrise
$10 CD-R Digipak & Free Digital Download (coming soon)
Retronym Records
Artwork by Joseph Bastardo
1. Euphotic Zone
2. Joguko
3. Insular Movements
4. Erogenous
5. Blue Metabolic Sunrise
6. Zero-Gemini
7. 22 Deg Halo
8. Shutter Memory
9. Flect

The digipak is available to purchase now for $10. The free digital download will be available in a few weeks. With each purchase of the digipak will come a CD-R of improvised outtakes from the Blue Metabolic Sunrise sessions entitled 'Uncountable Snowflakes'.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Blue Metabolic Sunrise cover art

Coming March 2010 to CD and free digital download.


'Modular Puzzle' has been getting lots of radio play from the Houston-area FM radio station 91.7 KTRU. It is in their top 20 playlist this week.

'Trills - Modular Puzzle' Sitting Now Review

"I was introduced to Trills on the recent Section 27 release “PH 14”, a split between him and some other guy who’s name escapes me. I was, therefore, quite happy to receive “Modular Puzzle” to further my research.

If you took Boards of Canada, Autechre and Aphex Twin and blended them in a large test tube, shipped them to America and injected them into a host stem cell and raised that stem cell as an electronic musician, you may end up with something like Trills. His influences are obvious (to me at least) but not in a crude way. This is a man who has been listening to the right stuff, while far enough away from the scene to fashion his own take on things. It is also an album of contrasts, one moment he is all futuristic (“Paragon” which is kind of like EP5 era Autechre but with straighter beats) and then on the next track (“Erawitt”) he’s on a kind of 80’s sci-fi movie thing…like an alternative soundtrack to “Running Man”. Then he’s all experimental and industrial on “Zurich”, before dropping in a retro sample and going all glitchy acid hip-hop on “Binarium”). Some people might struggle to move between styles like this but I can safely say that the ball is never dropped on this album. He maintains his own identity, while throwing his influences at a blank canvas and carefully squishing them around, to form something new and old, experimental but enjoyable and challenging but friendly."

Sunday, February 6, 2011

"Blue Metabolic Sunrise" announcement

Coming in February is the next Trills release entitled "Blue Metabolic Sunrise" which will be available as a free download from my friends over at Retronym. The artwork will be completed Joseph Bastardo from Future Forest Design

Here is a preview of the opening track entitled Euphotic Zone:
Trills - Euphotic Zone by trills