Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Video Poem - Drone

Here is my first in a series of short video poems I am working on containing short pieces of unreleased Trills tunes. This one is called Drone containing a portion of the track Kirlian Drone from my upcoming ambient release Liquid Sunshine:

Saturday, November 28, 2009

88 Marquis remix available

The new 88 Marquis release "1992 In An Igloo" has a Trills remix of the track "Shenans" available as a free download from Retronym.

"1992 In An Igloo is the debut release from Wisconsin originate Peter De Sanctis. As the title hints, this record is the perfect accompaniment to the up and coming winter months with glistening soundscapes and shimmering percussion. Delicately crafted ambient pieces settle in perfectly, piecing everything together to take the listener on a hypnotic journey, possibly sat atop a lighthouse, watching over the glaciers as they reflect in the moonlight.

If that wasn't enough, we've also been provided with 1992 In An Igloo Remixed, featuring Boreal Network, Trills, Phasen, Treefingers, Five Step Path, Xurba and Brand New Retro who all contribute wonderful and varied takes on the record. Find it further down the page.

The striking artwork is gloriously crafted by Joebot Kill."

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Upcoming Show: 11-20-09 @ Rice University

Upcoming Show:
11/20/2009 8:00 PM at Rice University
6100 Main Street, Houston, Texas 77005
with Solanae, and Perseph One
If you look at this map Ray Courtyard (where the outdoor concert will be) is the gray box between the Rice Memorial Center and the Rice Memorial Chapel. Sponsored by KTRU small concert series.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

2 Upcoming Live Shows

11/01/2009 08:00 PM - Space Next Door To KHON’S BAR
2808 Milam
Houston, Texas
Description:Resonant Interval Sound Series is a weekly concert series featuring experimental, noisy, freely improvised music with an emphasis on Houston musicians. Occurs every Sunday in the space next to Khon’s Bar (2808 Milam), from 8 pm to 10 pm. $5 cover goes directly to the performers.

11/13/2009 08:00 PM - Rudolph Art Scan Gallery
1836 Richmond Ave.
Houston, Texas 77098
Description:This will be a very unique show for fans of my music. I am collaborating with local poet Radames Ortiz for part of the Wired Poetry Event. I’ll be scoring poems by him and projecting images that fit his words.

Monday, October 12, 2009

TTK & Trills - Elixir EP

Elixir EP

Trills & TTK - Elixir EP

1. Trills & TTK - Haruki Has No Wind
2. TTK - Nets
3. TTK - A Sign of Bad Things to Come
4. TTK - Boredom 1 - Music For Sleeping In
5. Trills - Flect

The Elixir EP is a short split between Trills & The Telepathic Kid. At only 16 from New South Wales, Australia, Nick Turton from TTK has a lot of potential for such a newcomer. His first LP entitled Sociopathic, can be downloaded here. The track "Haruki Has No Wind" is a collaboration between the two artists. With cover art and embedded track art by David Means (

>>Click to download free .zip

Friday, September 18, 2009

Binarium 002: Circuit Bending

The second episode of my online video series Experimental Expansion: Binarium explores the world of circuit bending with artists Matthew Potter of Nectarine, and Chris O'malley.


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Binarium: Experimental Expansion

I have been working for about a year now documenting various musicians, artists, poets, eccentrics, etc. in hopes of making a movie about experimental forms of art. I decided to try and instead market it as an online web series for free. It's called "Binarium: Experimental Expansion" and I just launched the first episode.

"Binarium: Experimental Expansion explores experimental & outsider music, video, dance, expression, performance & poetry in ways that reveal our true inner nature, and push the boundaries of current technology and forms of thought. The videos are not intended to be a promotion for the artists involved, rather an exploration in the psychology of art, the creative process, and the connection and complexity of all human life. Although each video will feature a different artist, the focus will be to serve as an inspiration to energize and create new vibrations within the creative community."

I hope you enjoy. I have the next few episodes finished, but I'll post a new one once or twice a month.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I have been collaborating with another Houston electronic music Frank Dambra (Track53, Arctier) on a project for the past few months. We finally created a myspace and have posted 4 new tracks to preview from the upcoming release "Step Into A Dream".

Physical Copy!

My copy of Modular Puzzle finally arrived. It will be released in September 2009 for purchase. The paper is thick, shiny, and beautiful and the packaging is very unique.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Dani from Celer

This was posted by the ambient group Celer:
"Dear friends,

With great sadness I have to announce to you, our friends, that Dani passed away yesterday, July 8. On Tuesday morning I woke to find her unconscious, and not breathing. The medics were called, and she was revived, but fell directly into a coma and didn't wake up. She passed away yesterday at 3pm, with her family by her. All that is known to say why is that her heart stopped, for no foreseeable reason. The only relation is that her father died in the same way, of a cardiac arrest at the age of 29. She was 26.

Right now I don't know how to express the loss and sadness I feel, knowing that someone so ultimately close to me, and such an inspiration and friend to so many other people in the world is gone. All I can say is that she won't be forgotten, or pushed aside only because she's gone. She'll always be with me, as my inspiration, my love, my everything. All I can say is I miss her, every second.

Right now I won't be able to answer many emails, as there's only so much I can talk about this. Time will heal this, but I know the sadness will never go away. This, I'm ok with, as I never want to forget every way she changed my life, and touched my heart.

I appreciate all your support and love, and even though many of you only knew her through her poetry, or her music, I hope they are good memories."

In her honor I made a music video of one of their songs:

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

There is now a Trills Facebook page at:

CDs of 'Modular Puzzle' will be sent out by the end of the week to the distributors. Darla will be the main distributor is USA, Boomkat, Smallfish and Norman in UK.


Friday, May 15, 2009

WretchedU Performance

Here is the WretchedU performance in it's entirety. I played synths/sampler/drum machine for my good friend, the lead singer Chris Omalley who wrote all these songs. Simon Pena (who I play write music with in Tchrite) plays keyboards, and Daniel Salizar is on bass.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Trills May 10, 2009 Live Show

The show at Super Happy Funland went well. I projected experimental movies that I made behind me during the set. Nectarine opened the show with an awesome set, and then I played the synth/drummachine for my friend who writes acoustic music under the name WretchedU. Simon Pena (who also plays with me in Tchrite) was also in the band, so there were lots of freakout jams involved. I have a video of the whole WretchedU performance that I will post to youtube as soon as it's done uploading.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I did a remix for Koen Park that has just been released. The CD contains a number of other great artists reinterpretations of his tracks.

Koen Park - Remixes, Reworkings And Reimaginings

2009 release - I, Absentee Records

Disc 1:
1. I Fall Into You (Falling Into You Remix By Das Rote Telefon)
2. The Sunset Industry (Fugenn And The White Elephants Remix)
3. Your Broadcast (Cheju Remix)
4. Agenda 21 (Portal Remix)
5. Phusiké (Trills Remix)
6. An H-R Diagram (IJO Remix)
7. A.Hoffmann (Gabriel Remix)
8. I Fall Into You (Falling Out Of You Remix By Isocore)
9. The Sunset Industry (The Dandelion Council Crayola Sunset Mix)
10. People As Ants (Phasen Remix)
11. Tear Road (Mrs Jynx Remix)
12. Surrounded By Pigments (Pastel Mmx By Milieu)
13. Fixed Luminosities (Reimagined By Loafeye)

Disc 2:
1. All Apologies - Fog_Lost (Ian Hawgood Remix)
2. Tidy Kid - Fragments 1 (Koen Park Remix)
3. Phasen - What Carbonation Sounds Like (Through People Remix By Koen Park)
4. D.D. NewMole - Rare White Albino (Itabashi Remix By Koen Park)
5. Phasen - Listen While You Walk (Koen Park Remix)
6. Mall Security - Overlapping Pixelated Hearts (Forêt Remix By Koen Park)
7. Vertical67 - Spring Recorder (Koen Park Remix)
8. D.D. NewMole - Rare White Albino (Funabashi Remix By Koen Park) [clip]
9. Rumorse - Azucena Drops (Koen Park Remix)
10. Entertainment For The Braindead - Colors (Washed With Pastel Remix By Ian Hawgood)
11. All Apologies - Air (Ian Hawgood Remix)

Original music on disc 1 taken from the Koen Park albums Grey Night Clouds and Everything In Shadow on Experimedia. This album is partnered with the 3" Koen Park EP Remixes, Reworkings And Reimaginings In A Quiet Form on Smallfish. Thanks to Jeremy, Sean, Mike, Christian, Sven, Pedro, Warren and all the artists involved for their great work, support and friendship. This album is for my mate Tom.

Disc 2 includes remixes of other artists' original work. Comes in a 2CD jewel case with individually numbered discs limited to 100 copies.