Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Binarium: Experimental Expansion

I have been working for about a year now documenting various musicians, artists, poets, eccentrics, etc. in hopes of making a movie about experimental forms of art. I decided to try and instead market it as an online web series for free. It's called "Binarium: Experimental Expansion" and I just launched the first episode.

"Binarium: Experimental Expansion explores experimental & outsider music, video, dance, expression, performance & poetry in ways that reveal our true inner nature, and push the boundaries of current technology and forms of thought. The videos are not intended to be a promotion for the artists involved, rather an exploration in the psychology of art, the creative process, and the connection and complexity of all human life. Although each video will feature a different artist, the focus will be to serve as an inspiration to energize and create new vibrations within the creative community."

I hope you enjoy. I have the next few episodes finished, but I'll post a new one once or twice a month.

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