Saturday, November 28, 2009

88 Marquis remix available

The new 88 Marquis release "1992 In An Igloo" has a Trills remix of the track "Shenans" available as a free download from Retronym.

"1992 In An Igloo is the debut release from Wisconsin originate Peter De Sanctis. As the title hints, this record is the perfect accompaniment to the up and coming winter months with glistening soundscapes and shimmering percussion. Delicately crafted ambient pieces settle in perfectly, piecing everything together to take the listener on a hypnotic journey, possibly sat atop a lighthouse, watching over the glaciers as they reflect in the moonlight.

If that wasn't enough, we've also been provided with 1992 In An Igloo Remixed, featuring Boreal Network, Trills, Phasen, Treefingers, Five Step Path, Xurba and Brand New Retro who all contribute wonderful and varied takes on the record. Find it further down the page.

The striking artwork is gloriously crafted by Joebot Kill."

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