Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Binarium Sound Series


I am now hosting a weekly experimental series entitled "Binarium Sound Series" at The Mekong Underground outside of Khon's Bar in Houston, TX at 2808 Milam. I'm taking over the concert series previously named Resonant Interval Sound Series who was run by Lance Higdon who created quite a name for himself in the Houston noise music community, partly by DJing the Genetic Memory show at 91.7 KTRU, but more effectively by being a great communicator of the abstract and he served as a hub for a scattered, yet extensive area of Texas music. He is moving to Atlanta to teach Latin at a Catholic University at the end of the month so he is passing the show off to me, which I have renamed "Binarium Sound Series" which shares part of it's name with a track off the Trills release 'Modular Puzzle'.

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